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    This sample product demonstrates the ability of SpinStudio to display a 3D image that customers can spin around to examine the product from different angles. You don't have to make a fluid animation. Instead, you can demonstrate different states of a product, all within a single animated image.

    Hover the mouse pointer over the image to the left. When you notice the mouse pointer turn into a "spin arrow", you can start rotating the product image:
    • using the mouse wheel,
    • by clicking mouse button and dragging to the left or to the right,
    • using your fingers (pen, stylus or similar pointing device) when viewing this page on a smartphone or a tablet computer.
    In order to enable SpinStudio for your Shopify online store you need to get it at Shopify App Store first. It automatically enables 3D images for the products, but will not display them unless you have uploaded the necessary "frames". SpinStudio tries to get integrated into the most popular themes of Shopify, but should you wish to customize their look or should SpinStudio fail to work for your theme out-of-the-box (which happens if you have a custom theme, for example), you can edit the theme templates and make the adjustments yourself.

    Take a look at another sample of a 3D image here.


    The displayed 3D image courtesy of Freshpack Photo, http://www.freshpackphoto.co.uk/, a photo studio in UK, who make excellent 3D photographs of the products that you can use with SpinStudio! 

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