• SpinStudio updates

    Following the latest feedback from our customers we made a number of tweaks to SpinStudio. The 3D images should now look crisp on all kinds of media, phones, tablets and whatever devices are out there. There's also a bug fixed which prevented proper display of some 3D images in FireFox. Try installing SpinStudio to your Shopify store and see for yourself! You can have one 3D image in your live store free of charge, why not giving it a chance? From simple images of spinning items to house interiors and landscape photographs - SpinStudio can handle any kinds of animations,...

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  • SpinStudio app is available at Shopify App Store!

     We are happy to announce the availability of SpinStudio at Shopify App Store! The trial period is one month, but you can already go and immediately purchase it for $10/month, because it is so awesome ;-)

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